December 2019


Thai course with ED visa

Come to contact our professional team. You will feel comfortable and enjoy learning Thai without worry about the visa. You would be able to appreciate our Thai culture and Thai life.  

SMIT International School

was approved a license by the Ministry of Education of Thailand (MOE)  in 1997.  We have a sound reputation as a provider of quality Thai course for foreigners.

We can provide a visa type non-immigrant ED for foreign students who register a full Thai course of 
6 months, 8 months and 12 months.   Student will be eligible for a  visa and also study Thai.  You can study and have visa up to 3 years, but you will be required to do a new registration every year. Once the first year visa runs out, we will repeat the same procedure.  


 Course fee for ED- visa

            1. The first course 8 months  =    17,900     baht

            2. Continue the second course 6 months   =   12,900     baht

            3. Continue the second course 12 months =   22,000     baht


  How to apply a Thai course with Ed visa for student?

1. Passport copy, 8 photos size 2” with polite dress, advance payment. Then we will ask 1st certified letter from MOE, the process takes about two weeks. 

2. You will need to go outside Thailand together with the certified  letter from MOE.  Please contact Thai embassy where you will be  issued a visa type non-immigrant ED. (such as Thai embassy in Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia or your own country)

3. Please come back to school after receiving the non-immigrant ED visa.  We need to process the next step for 2nd certified letter from MOE.  This process will take about 1 month.   

4. You will take 2nd certified letter to the immigration Bangkok to extend ED visa until finish the course.


Fee for extension 1,900 baht each time are the students responsibility.

Immigration officer will consider to extend visa 60 or 90 days.